GOOGLE ALLO 2.0.000 RC16 APK Crack Free Download

GOOGLE ALLO 2.0.000_RC16 APK Crack Free Download
GOOGLE ALLO 2.0.000_RC16 APK Crack Free Download

GOOGLE ALLO 2.0.000 RC16 APK Crack. Most usable and dependable web index Google presented another visiting application “ALLO” for cell phone gadgets. It is the savvy informing application. It helps the client to state increasingly and accomplish more. With GOOGLE ALLO application, you can convey what needs be better with content, stickers, doodles, and emojis. There is additionally Google partner which help you in utilizing this Allo Online.


Google ALLO Patch is the featured rich application. Following are the key features of Google ALLO Free.

  • Respond without typing, in your style:

This is the great innovation in chatting application. You can reply your friends without typing. Smart reply helps you keep your conversations moving with a single tap. It suggests you the text and emojis responses based on your personality.

  • Shout, or whisper it, to get your point across:

It is the very interesting application. You can add meaning to your word by adjusting the size of your text. For example, if you need to write a word in larger than CAPS to get your attentions, or point across, you just slide up to shout.  And if you want to say it politely , just slide down to the whisper.

Google ALLO Apk

  • Say it all with the perfect sticker:

Sometimes word does not convey your message as beautifully as stickers or emojis does. Google ALLO has a lot of stickers which is designed by the independent artists and studios. Stickers add more fun to your conversation is also added when the words are not enough.

  • Turn any photo into a work of art:

You can create and also edit the photos for your friends. You just send the photos by doodling on them or adding text on them. With Google ALLO crack you can draw a smiley face and also mix some colors if you want.

  • Get help from Google Assistant without leaving the conversation:

In this application, Google is your assistant. It assists you in every search and problem. So, You can easily get assistance from Google without leaving the conversation. Google can suggest you the restaurants nearby, or also movies to check out. You can also find the videos and share it. While using Google Assistant, you can seek answers and also get the directions. For this, just add @google, so Google can assist you. You can also have the opportunity to one to one chat with Google assistant.


  • Say it privately in Incognito Mode:

Everyone wants that conversation is safe and secure at both ends. For this, start an incognito chat. This can help you also to send the message with the end to end encryption.

It requires Android 4.1 and up versions.

All in All, Google ALLO is the best application for smartphones for the fast reply and secure conversation. You can reply also without using the keyboard by tapping the suggested messages.


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GOOGLE ALLO 2.0.000 RC16 APK Crack
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